IGT offers state-of-the-art portable IP 67 batteries for E-scooters, E-bike, and light electric vehicles. This pack is designed for high-speed vehicles in all harsh and abusive weather conditions. Armed with a custom Al casing design with integrated thermal material and double insulation, it complies with 20+ safety and reliability standards. It is a top-class, future-ready product design to cater to your battery’s reliability, functionality, and efficiency.

Key Features

  • Use of tier-1 NCA Murata cells for higher cycle life and high energy density.
  • High performance, reliable li-ion battery for L1, L2 and L3 category vehicle.
  • Patented design enables easy access & easy thermal management with high voltage battery.
  • Intelligent charging algorithm for easy & efficient charging to enhance battery life.
  • Certified battery Pack.


  • Peak Power Tolerance of 3.6 kW for 30 seconds.
  • +2000 cycle life under normal operating conditions.
  • High voltage (16S) architecture with Al extrusion giver better thermal performance.
  • User friendly in all weather conditions i.e. heat, rain, and sun- our batteries is with IP 67.
  • Minimal self- discharge at 1%/Month.

Key Technical Specs

Nominal Voltage (V) 57.6
Rated Capacity (Ah) 26
Used Capacity (AH) 22 ± 0.5@ 85 % DOD
Usable Energy (kwH)
    1. ± 0.05 @ 1C, 25 °C
Est. Life cycle (at 80% DOD with 30 °C) 2000 cycles
Maximum continuous Charge Current (A) 15
Maximum continuous Discharge Current(A) 40
Peak Discharge Current (A) 60 @ 30 sec
Operating Temperature (°C)

Charging: 5- 45 °C

Discharging: 0 – 60 °C

IP class IP 67
Communication CANBus
Dimension (mm) 224 * 93* 395
Weight (kg) 12
Protection Over/Under Voltage, Over/under temperature, over temperature, short circuit and pre charge protection.
Certification IS 16893, AIS-156, UN 38.3.
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