By integrating a blend of cutting-edge technologies and incorporating an ergonomic design tailored for the Indian market, IGT RED excel in functionality, efficiency, power density, and reliability. This battery is crafted with advanced technology and offer universal fitment for 2-wheelers, featuring an efficient Battery Management System (BMS) without any compromise on performance. The beauty that personifies our system is the mechanical patented design with IP 67 protocol and efficient thermal management that can deliver power in any harsh environment. Its advanced based communication with high telematics technology allows owners to evaluate the real-time status and performance of the battery pack via smartphones, the web, and other integrated devices.

Key Features

  • Compatible with wide existing electric 2W and 3W tor speed vehicle.
  • Use A grade NCA Cell for module assembly with 90 per cent energy conversion.
  • Smart battery with CAN enabled modular BMS and IOT for 24*7 data tracker.
  • Patented design of Bus-bar with excellent architecture of 14 S high voltage pack which accelerates mileage per cycle.
  • Can be used in stand-alone 0r parallel based.
  • Android Application for user interface.


  • Peak power tolerance 3.02kw for 30 seconds with A grade cells.
  • Built in venting mechanism with proper thermal management to reduce the risk of thermal runaway.
  • IP67 protected casing with high mating cycle’s power connector suitable for swappable applications.
  • Multilevel protection features for user’s safety.
  • Minimal self-discharge less than 1%/month.

Key Technical Specs

Nominal Voltage (V) 50.4
Rated Capacity (Ah) 26
Used Capacity (AH) 22 ± 0.5@ 85 % DOD
Usable Energy (kwH)
    1. ± 0.05 @ 1C, 25 °C
Est. Life cycle (at 80% DOD with 30 °C) 2000 cycles
Maximum continuous Charge Current (A) 15
Maximum continuous Discharge Current(A) 40
Peak Discharge Current (A) 60 @ 30 sec
Operating Temperature (°C)

Charging: 5- 45 °C

Discharging: 0 – 60 °C

IP class IP 67
Communication CANBus
Dimension (mm) 224 * 93* 342
Weight (kg) 12
Protection Over/Under Voltage, Over/under temperature, over temperature, short circuit and pre charge protection.
Certification IS 16893, AIS-156, UN 38.3.
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