A High-speed mid-drive motor for superior acceleration and gradability, our BK2 Motor is one of the lightest and most compact motors with 4kW rated in a 4kg package. A copper-free motor with over 90% recyclability, it is truly IP67 rated suitable for any Indian driving conditions.

Key Features

  • 48V 4kW motor in Less than 4kg package. High speed motor with maximum rpm of 7500 and peak torque of 15Nm
  • The smallest and lightest naturally cooled motor in its class. In many cases the size and weight can be reduced by almost 50%.
  • An environmentally sustainable (recyclability of over 90%) motor using NO COPPER.
  • A truly IP67 rated motor that can be used in any environment (dust and water).
  • Minimizes use of rare earth permanent magnets.

Gear Box Key Features

  • Compact design with high torque capability, greater than 50 Nm
  • Good adaptability with 1:3 ratio. Can be attached to chain or belt system of a scooter or even motorbike
  • Noise free, maintenance free operation
  • Lightweight and direct mounting on motor shaft maintains small form factor

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