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EV Solutions

Indigrid Technology is engaged in developing various components and systems for electric vehicles. One of our key offerings is the battery pack assembly, which includes modular battery packs for 2 & 3 wheeler EVs that are lightweight and swappable. The company has also secured a strategic exclusive manufacturing tie-up with Murata business engineering india pvt ltd, a leading manufacturer of electronic components, to ensure highquality battery packs.

The company also offers high-performance and reliable Powertrain Solutions and EV Ecosystem Solutions for 2 and 3-wheeler EVs. Comprehensive Solutions for Fleet & Asset Management enables efficient tracking of EVs and their performance in real-time. Overall, the company’s focus on developing innovative solutions for electric vehicles, coupled with its expertise in various areas, makes it a trustworthy and competent partner for any organization looking to transition to electric mobility.

Our Products


By integrating a blend of cutting-edge technologies and incorporating an ergonomic design tailored for the Indian market, IGT RED excel in functionality, efficiency, power density, and reliability. This battery is crafted with advanced technology and offer universal fitment for 2-wheelers, featuring an efficient Battery Management System (BMS) without any compromise on performance. See More


Indigrid Technology offers state-of-the-art portable IP 67 batteries for E-scooters, Ebike, and light electric vehicles. This pack is designed for high-speed vehicles in all harsh and abusive weather conditions. Armed with a custom Al casing design with integrated thermal material and double insulation, it complies with 20+ safety and reliability standards. It is a top-class, future-ready product design to cater to your battery’s reliability, functionality, and efficiency.See More

Power Train



A High-speed mid-drive motor for superior acceleration and gradability, our BK2 Motor is one of the lightest and most compact motors with 4kW rated in a 4kg package. A copper-free motor with over 90% recyclability

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Motor Controller

Ours is an Indigenous smart PMSM motor controller. A high-power density controller with 4kW rated power and 300A capacity. It has Vector torque control with a wide speed range of operation and is CAN enabled.

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DC Converter

This DC-DC converter is specifically engineered to meet the diverse auxiliary power needs of Electric Vehicles, boasting a broad operating voltage range spanning from 42 VDC to 60 VDC. Its key features include efficiency, cost-effectiveness, compact dimensions, and lightweight design.

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EV Ecosystem Development

Swap Station

A battery swap system for Electric Vehicles (EVs) is a service that enables drivers to exchange their depleted batteries with fully charged ones at designated swap stations. The purpose of this service is to reduce the time required for recharging an EV and alleviate range anxiety, a concern among EV drivers regarding the limited range of their vehicles and the accessibility of charging infrastructure.

EV Electronics


  • 2G/4 G-based vehicle control unit
  • Geofencing
  • Supports CAN communication
  • Supports BLE interaction
  • Modular design to integrate with any e-mobility need


  • Real-time battery tracking
  • Data logging
  • FOTA (Firmware over the air
  • Configuration over GPRS/SERIAL/SMS
  • Geofencing
  • Lower power consumption